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All of our discussions will remain confidential. I will do my very best to assist you with whatever business matter you present to me.


For many years, I observed and actively participated in this process. I’ve learned that many dealers have been coached not to seek assistance in selling from the manufacturer. “Loose lips, sink ships.” That’s debatable, but not here or now. Anyway, there is a RIGHT WAY to sell a dealership, that results in a financial benefit to both the seller and the buyer. Most brokers just “list” your dealership and hope someone calls. In the meantime, your life and others are on hold. Most sellers want the whole process to take less than six months. Besides, like houses, the longer your dealership is publicly listed or “shopped”, the less number of interested buyers, and the less money you could receive on your eventual sale. The advantage I have over others is I KNOW QUALIFIED BUYERS, ready to purchase your dealership NOW!  I also know the buyer profile most manufacturers are wanting. The last thing you want is to have your buyer turned down by the manufacturer. My knowledge and experience will assist you through this very stressful, time-consuming process. And, remember, in states that support “Rights of First Refusal” to the manufacturer, it doesn’t hinder your pending sale, it GUARANTEES someone will be buying it! And, unlike other brokers, my contracts are simple, fair priced and I won’t tie you up for years after my listing expires.


So, if you’re very interested in selling or growing your business with more franchises, even if they are motorcycles, watercraft and power equipment, RVs, or any Farm & Tractor, be sure to contact me to discuss your thoughts and timetable. As the old saying goes, “EVERY dealership is for sale (at the right price).”


As many dealers rapidly approach retirement, it is extremely critical that you have a well thought out plan that perhaps some day, passes your business to your partner or one or more family members. Just remember, any succession plans require MANUFACTURER APPROVAL. Don’t assume the franchiser must approve your estate plan for your dealership. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed families torn apart when the deceased dealer didn’t have a clear succession plan discussed ahead of time with your manufacturer. A “Nominee Successor” approval DOES NOT GUARANTEE your wishes will be approved by the manufacturer. Perhaps, you want to start transferring stock to your children over a period of time. I have personally seen such dealer requests denied during my career. There is a RIGHT WAY to present your request to your manufacturer, avoiding unnecessary delays or denial. In addition, if you do not have your dealership(s) in an appropriate trust, your tax and legal exposure could be unlimited. I know some popular ways to protect your valuable assets and legally transfer them to your family.


While most dealers will never “face-off” against their manufacturer, their partner(s) or family members, it seems to be happening more now than ever. While the SALES AGREEMENT tends to be the manufacturer’s bible, dealers have rights under their state franchise and other related laws that may protect them. Ultimately, since the costs of prolonged litigation can be enormous, both parties really just want what seems fair and equitable to each other. Partner disputes can get ugly fast. There is a RIGHT WAY to address these unfortunate circumstances. I believe I can guide you on some of the various disputes that I have seen, and resolved amicably over many years. A “WIN-WIN” outcome is my primary goal for all parties involved, avoiding costly litigation, manufacturer intervention, and family embarrassment.


These could be two of the biggest decisions a dealer will make in his business life. While the general rule of thumb is, “LOCATION . . . LOCATION. . . LOCATION”, several other important factors are equally important. I have guided many dealers through this stressful process, from renovate vs. relocate, selecting a builder, to selecting furniture and fixtures with great success. I have a list of reputable architects and builders who have extensive experience complying with the manufacturer’s minimum requirements, architectural designs and signage. Have you considered building it “environmentally friendly” and take advantage of some federal, state and local tax credit offerings? In addition, most manufacturers publicly recognize dealers for this achievement. My experience may be valuable to making your project cost effective and successful.


These two areas have become the life blood of the dealership’s overall profitability. Although some brands favor retail leasing, over one-half of all shoppers still prefer to buy their vehicle with traditional financing options. And, P&S still remains the “backbone” of the dealership. My team will offer some industry-proven processes that may quickly generate additional revenue and consistency in both of these areas.


Looking for that special “impact player” that will drive a part of your business to higher levels of performance, customer and employee satisfaction and profitability? Don’t waste your money on search firms and blind ads in industry magazines. With my large network of contacts, I might be able to find that perfect match for your dealership, regardless of your size or location.


Perhaps you have been invited by a manufacturer to apply for a newly created market. This process is very competitive, and can take a long time for the final candidate to be selected. Having coordinated this process many times, I can provide some valuable guidance, including developing a comprehensive presentation that may increase your chance to be the selected candidate. With many years interviewing prospective dealer candidates, I know what the manufacturer prefers. There is a RIGHT WAY to approach this, and I can guide you through it. Consider the economic value of an open point over twenty years. Priceless!


While I can’t name them all, I have guided dealers on many business subjects from merit-driven pay plans to improving manufacturing relationships with great success during my career. Perhaps I can assist you, too.

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