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About Gary Russo

Gary Russo

During my 45-year career working in leadership positions for three iconic manufacturers, I’ve had many opportunities to learn from "the Best of the Best” in this industry.  It is with this acquired knowledge, proven results, and personal commitment I have decided to apply this wealth of experience in the “real world”.


The automobile industry continues to transform as technology rapidly advances design, safety, and customer expectations.  With these many unforeseen challenges, however, the opportunity for success has never been greater.  My team can assist you to navigate this evolving landscape and assist you with many decisions facing you for generations.  I promise to conduct business in an honest and ethical manner and always respect the confidentiality of our conversations. 

Service Offerings

  • Buying or Selling a Dealership

  • Succession Planning

  • Manufacturer, Partner and Family Disputes

  • Relocation and/or New Facility vs. Renovation

  • Enhance F&I and P&S Revenue

  • Recruiting Top Talent

  • Open Point Acquisitions

  • General Business Topics


(513) 646-9020

Gary Russo

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